Statewide groups opposed to the full legalization of marijuana

In 2022, experts identifying the harms of legalizing marijuana for recreational use were denied the ability to testify in Harrisburg during multiple hearings held by PA State Sen. Mike Regan. In a subsequent hearing held by PA State Sen. Judy Ward, these experts and others were finally welcomed to Harrisburg to testify.

  • “The Marijuana Industry has put forth products that are under-researched and largely unregulated, leading to missteps that are putting our youth at risk.” Kate Appleman, Caron Treatment Centers
  • “This possible policy change is also coming at the worst possible time: we are in the middle of a national emergency regarding youth mental health, with the CDC recently releasing a report finding that 40% of high-school students endorsed depression and 20% contemplated suicide over the past year. This mental health crisis will only enhance the allure of intoxicating substances to provide relief, and increasing the availability and acceptability of these intoxicating substances (marijuana or otherwise) will only add fuel to the proverbial fire.” Dr. Aaron Weiner, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • “No amount of tax revenue, no amount of contributions to the budget of the state of Pennsylvania, is worth sacrificing the safety and well-being of our citizens, especially our youth.” Retired Superior Court Judge Cheryl Allen, now of counsel with PA Family Institute
  • “We can reasonably expect that, with its legalization, the prevalence of marijuana use among both adults and adolescents will increase in our state.” Dr. Sheryl Ryan, PA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • “Marijuana legalization in Pennsylvania will pose significant challenges for law enforcement as a result of the unanticipated consequences it has on crime and public safety.” Scott Bohn, Executive Director, PA Chiefs of Police Association
“There are no doubt dangers associated with marijuana, and we need to be careful.  As an elected official, it is my duty to take these dangers seriously and develop policy that promotes a safe and healthy Pennsylvania.” – PA State Sen. Judy Ward